Car leasing: A trouble free solution

Feb 04, 2016    //   

Cars are a necessity for most of us, and car rental is one option that offers trouble free motoring. This service is especially important when travelling, whether for business or pleasure. The highflying business tycoon will usually have a rental car waiting at the airport to facilitate his busy schedule. The family holiday wouldn’t be the same without a car to give total freedom, while enjoying that well-earned break.


The benefits of car hire are many,

Ø  Maintenance free driving

Ø  Fully comprehensive insurance

Ø  Choice of make and model

Ø  Delivery to your preferred pick up location

All of the above conspire to make renting an attractive proposition for all, giving you the freedom to travel, without the worry of organizing the transport.


Occasionally car rentals are required for the purpose of an event rather than a trip and of course, an example that goes hand in hand with car hire is a wedding. Once the car is arranged, get in touch with Milenko Weddings Byron Bay wedding photographer and make sure you've got a professional to take a few snaps of you in a fancy hired wedding car.

Fast and efficient service

The great thing about car rental is the company deal with any problems that might occur. Imagine the business executive, driving to an important meeting, when the car gets bumped from the rear. One call and a replacement vehicle is delivered, and the damaged car is taken to a reputable Mercedes smash repairs workshop, leaving the client to continue on his way.


Spoilt for choice

Car rental companies offer a wide range of styles, something classy for that special wedding, or perhaps a people carrier for the annual office outing, whatever your needs, the experts have the right vehicle for you. In a business setting, first impressions count, so a hi end model will definitely give you that added touch of class when meeting clients. The vehicles are always washed, valeted, and ready to drive, at the agreed time and place, allowing the client to reach their destination in style and comfort.


Airport pick up and drop off service

Most online rental companies offer this service, which makes your travel plans run smoothly. No more waiting for trains or taxis, as you ferry your luggage out of the terminal. You may wish to collect the car at a different location and this can easily be arranged.


Fully comprehensive insurance cover

Car rentals offer a comprehensive insurance package on all their vehicles, giving you peace of mind. Very often the customer is a foreigner, and driving in a strange country can be a little stressful. Comprehensive insurance means you are covered for any eventuality, from a tiny scratch to a major collision. It is nice to know that your vehicle has been prepared ahead of time and will be ready and waiting for your arrival. Having class 1 insurance means that Mercedes smash repairs can be easily undertaken by the experts.


Let the experts take the strain

Cars tend to break down when you least expect it, adding stress to an already tight schedule. It is a problem to locate a reputable repair garage, never mind the waiting as they diagnose the problem. Then you have the long delay before the vehicle is finished, and you are presented with a hefty bill. This is a thing of the past with renting, as the company deal with it and instantly provide you a replacement vehicle that enables you to continue your journey with a minimum of inconvenience.

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